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Totem VC

Totem VC is a cutting-edge platform that offers two innovative services: Totem OS and Totem One.Totem OS is a comprehensive portfolio management system that provides fund managers with a range of powerful tools. With Totem OS, users can easily track fund and portfolio performance, calculate important metrics, generate detailed tear sheets, and monitor investment terms and valuations. The platform also allows for the seamless capture of cap tables and provides valuable insights from co-investors.On the other hand, Totem One is a streamlined solution that offers essential services for fund operations. From legal and accounting functions to tax filings and audits, Totem One simplifies and automates these tasks, saving time and ensuring compliance. With Totem One, users can effortlessly create legal entities, prepare filings, handle accounting and investor allocations, and even facilitate fund mailings.In summary, Totem VC empowers fund managers and investors with its comprehensive suite of tools and services, making fund management more efficient and effective.


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