Use Cases
fundraising, screening, deal-sourcing
4degrees, addepar, affinity, altvia, boardex, crunchbase, dealcloud, discovery-data, docusign, dropbox, eikon, factiva, fintrx, firmview, fundcount, investorflow, jira, linkedln, mailchimp, mattermark, mercatus, mergr, mvine, navatar, protrak-international, relpro, relsci, slack
Office Functions


Salesforce's CRM solutions are widely adopted within the alternative asset management space, providing versatility and adaptability for closed-ended fund management. Users can tailor their Salesforce instance, leverage apps, or opt for specialist platforms like Navatar, Altvia, and Caltina built on Salesforce's architecture to meet specific industry demands. Salesforce's Private Equity Practice offers firms partnership opportunities, facilitating access to innovations and thought leadership. Additionally, Salesforce aids Private Equity firms through central partnership management and digital value creation advisory services.


Other Tools